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Carp Health & EA Consents.

The largest issue in the UK fisherys today is the introduction of disease from new stockings and the catastrophic effects of illegal and foreign fish introduction into existing ecosystems.

This has led to large numbers of fish fatalities at a variety of venues the lenth and breadth

of the country.

At South West Carp Sales the health of our fish is of the highest priority and we actively manage our waters and fish movement's to ensure the health of our fish and the safety of

our customers waters. Regular health and water checking ensures our stock is carefully monitored to enviroment and water agency guidelines. By having the correct health check certification this enables us to legally move fish by applying for a section 30 movement.

Copies of all environment agency documentation are supplied with each delivery as part

of due diligence to EA laws governing fish transfers to you the end customer, it gives a real sense of security knowing that your newly purchased fish are healthy and will not introduce any form of problems to your existing stock. Upon ordering of fish the environment agency documentation normally takes 2 weeks and delivery date will be shown on all paperwork.

For us to apply for the relevant paperwork we will need the following information about your watercourse to complete the movement licence.

Purchasers name & address


Phone/fax & E-mail

Name of water

Nearest town

National grid ref (we can find it for you)

Type of water, i.e. fully enclosed, on line, stillwater in flood plan:

SSSI site

Size of water


You must register your fishery with cefas tel: 10305206700 or E-mail

We can only supply registered sites with stock fish.

Please visit their website for more information